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In this VEKI eyelash section, you will find all the available products for eyelashes, from eyelash extensions, lash lifts to all the necessary accessories to perform these services.


At VEKI, we provide various options to transform your clients' looks. Within this category, you will find the following subcategories:

  • Eyelash Lifting: Discover the latest trends in the eyelash market. Eyelash lifting raises the natural lash, providing a false eyelash effect. A quick and eye-catching service for your clients.
  • Individual Eyelash Extensions: Find all the eyelashes to offer an individual eyelash extension service, with a variety of lengths, curvatures, and thicknesses.
  • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions: With this technique, fans of eyelash extensions are created to add volume to the look. In this section, you will find all the extensions to perform the service. Among the new features, we highlight triple-layer lashes, which facilitate and speed up the creation of fans. We also offer pre-made extensions with already formed fans.
  • Adhesives: In this category, you will find all available adhesives, including adhesive for eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions, eyelash lifts, and strip extensions.
  • Remover, Degreaser, Primer, and Super Bonder: Applying primer is essential in any eyelash service. At VEKI, we offer different options. You can also find gel or cream removers to remove eyelash extensions, choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Eyelash Extension Tweezers: We have various types of tweezers for Russian volume, classic 1x1 technique, and more.
  • Aftercare for Eyelash Extensions: In this category, you will find all the ideal products to offer your clients in your center. Discover products that help prolong the life of extensions, such as eyelash shampoo, and the popular serum that strengthens and promotes the growth of eyelash extensions.
  • Disposable Supplies for Eyelash Extensions: Each eyelash service requires some disposable but absolutely necessary tools. For example, we offer 3 different options of patches to hold the client's lower lashes in any service. We also have rings, brushes for combing eyelashes, micro-brushes, etc.
  • Accessories and Tools for Eyelash Extensions: Find useful tools that make your work in the salon or booth easier, we offer various accessories, such as the crescent-shaped LED light that provides 360-degree illumination.